Co-Extruded Product Availability Notice

Friday, May 17, 2013

To: KYDEX valued customers and partners
From: Lydia Swan, Director of Sales and Marketing
Re: KYDEX® co-extruded products, including KYDEX® 301, KYDEX® 311, KYDEX® 311MB, KYDEX® 312, KYDEX® 321,
KYDEX® 322, KYDEX®331, KYDEX® 331d, and KYDEX® 361

Thank you for your continued confidence in our company and products. Our dedicated team of KYDEX employees are passionate about exceeding your expectations. That is why this is a difficult communication to share with you.

We do our very best to not let our customers down. But, we must face facts – in our opinion, our co-extruded products have not measured up to the quality we demand and that you have come to expect from KYDEX® sheet.

To be a true partner to our customers we must have unfailing confidence in our materials. Unfortunately, the assets and equipment we utilize to manufacture this line of products is not able to consistently produce sheet that meets our quality expectations. Therefore, effective immediately, KYDEX has made the difficult decision to discontinue production of all co-extruded KYDEX® sheet. This includes the following products: KYDEX® 301, KYDEX® 311, KYDEX® 311MB, KYDEX® 312, KYDEX® 321, KYDEX® 322, KYDEX® 331, KYDEX® 331d, and KYDEX® 361.

We recognize that many of our customers have been specifying and successfully utilizing these materials. We are aware of the opportunities and demands for
co-extruded KYDEX® sheet and realize that there are viable alternative products within KYDEX and with our competitors. We will do our best to help you source appropriate products either from our portfolio, or from our competitors. You have our commitment to support the best transition possible.

If your company has sales or quotes invested with KYDEX for co-extruded products, our sales representative will be contacting you in the next 15 days. We will discuss how to best support you through this transition.

Please accept our most sincere apologies for any inconvenience this causes for you and your customers. We're grateful for your business, your loyalty,
and your understanding.


Lydia Swan
Director of Sales and Marketing