KYDEX, LLC Youth Give Back

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bloomsburg, PA USA. 21 August, 2013. Four children of employees from Bloomsburg manufacturer KYDEX, LLC extended the company's commitment to the environment by planting trees and setting up recycling receptacles in South Centre Township's Columbia Park.

The donation of two 15-foot sweet gum trees and four outdoor recycling receptacles was the culmination of a week-long program sponsored by KYDEX, LLC as part of their participation in SEKISUI Environmental Week, 2013—a program initiated by parent company, SEKISUI Co., Ltd. During the week of August 5th, SEKISUI employees around the world joined together in conservation and education projects including recycling, waste reduction, and reforestation.

KYDEX, LLC also expanded their corporate recycling program to their employees during the Environmental Week and collected over one ton of recyclables (2,092 lbs.) including computers, monitors, small electronics, cardboard, and batteries. Katsu Yoshimizu, 15, Mai Yoshimizu, 12 - Danville, Olivia McCormick, 13 – Seven Valleys, and Hayley Phelan, 14, - Montoursville, planted the trees, set up the recycling bins, and prepped recycling for shipment to Bloomsburg Recycling Center in their roles as KYDEX, LLC's Eco Ambassadors. (See below for details about the Eco summit.)

Ronn Cort, KYDEX, LLC President remarked, "Respecting the environment and educating people about how to be good stewards of it has always been an essential part of the SEKISUI and KYDEX, LLC business philosophy. It's in our DNA. We're very fortunate to have the opportunity to pass on this commitment and value to our students and employees."

Dale Sneidman, South Centre Township Secretary/Treasurer also applauds the value of getting youth involved, "Projects like these teach valuable lessons to our children about what it means to be civic minded and care for your environment. We are so grateful to KYDEX, LLC for donating the trees and bins to our park. Sweet gum trees can grow to 100 feet tall – their shade will be welcome, and the recycling receptacles most helpful. Both will add to the beauty our constituents enjoy."
The Global Children's ECO Summit 2012

SEKISUI Chemical Co., Ltd. organized the "Global Children's Eco Summit 2012" for seven days from 1 -7 August 2012 as an event to commemorate 65 years since the founding of the company. Organized on an expanded scale for the first time in five years since the 60th anniversary of the founding of the company, a total of 85 children of company employees at the major sites around the world came to Kyoto, Japan to participate in environmental studies and exchange with different cultures.

On the final day of the summit, 11 directors, including three company presidents under the president of SEKISUI Chemical, participated and received proposals from the children on their implementation for environment projects. Upon receiving these proposals, SEKISUI Chemical resolved to organize every August a "SEKISUI Environmental Week" to expand and establish to all sites within the SEKISUI Chemical Group involvement in environmental contribution activities, such as nature conservation.


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About SEKISUI Chemical Company, Ltd

SEKISUI Chemical Company, Ltd. was founded in 1948 as SEKISUI Sangyo Co., Ltd. With headquarters in Tokyo, it is one of Japan's largest manufacturing companies with upwards of 20,000 employees worldwide who generate annual revenue of over $11 Billion. KYDEX, LLC, formerly Kleerdex Company, was purchased by SEKISUI Chemical Co., in 1990. SEKISUI opened its first office in America in New York City in the 1950s, and in the 1960s became the first Japanese plastics manufacturer in the U.S. when they opened a plant in Pennsylvania to manufacture polystyrene paper. SEKISUI America Corporation (SAC) was formed in 1983, and today, the American SEKISUI subsidiaries include twelve companies. Visit for more information.